Smart Music Flowerpot Bluetooth Speaker LED Colorful Night Light, Rechargeable Smart Flower Pot, Blue

  • TOKOI Brand, TOKOI related authorization certificate, genuine, quality assurance, refused to sell all high imitation products.
  • The pot collection of 10 songs, rather than 5 songs, multi-color light,360°sound?with a higher volume and high quality sound quality?long-time play?bass.
  • Real plant,Iphone Bluetooth speakers, multi-color lights, playing the piano, all the features through the factory simple touch to achieve, you will not be found from the rest of the world such a unique gift. (Best gift)
  • Plant your favorite plants in this magical pot. The plant will be as explosive as it is, as if you were playing the piano. At the same time, the warm ring lights will flash with the rhythm.Plant your plants under your care, or transplant flowers on this pot, and send it to a birthday present for your love. When you / she receives and plays on your plant piano, draw a smile on the face of your loved one.
  • Simple design, rich artistic sense, provides a kind of aesthetic feeling, very cute. It is not just a pot, you can clean the air at home or office, but it can also be illuminated at night. Round warm 7 LED replacement lights apply to your bedside, once turned into night mode. Innovative flower pots with innovative features are vibrant. Through the soil of the embedded sensor, the flower pot on the plant can feel the touch of plants, and bring you lively music and warm light.

The keys mode:Gently press the lights turn on the light(including two kinds of warm light and 
seven colored breathing lamps).Click on the switch or turn off the night light again. 
Touchmode:Long press the light the green light flashed several times,turn on the light touch 
function,the night light can be switched or turned off by touching the plant. 

Play mode and bluetooth mode,in the case of standby,ten minutes will automatically be turned off. 
Long press the POWER cue the stereo and go into the harp mode.Touching plants can be 
played on the piano,click the NEXT to switch the song. 
This product does not contain plants.

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