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Optical transmission platform
18 channel light platform
1310nm optical transmitter module
1550nm EDFA module
1550nm external transmitter module
1550nm direct internal transmitter module
Optical transmitter
Optical fiber amplifier
Cable transmission equipment
Optical transmission equipment
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18 channel light platform
18 channel light platform

18 channel light platform




1.    Plug and play modules, adding modules do not need to shut down the power supply of the system, to maximize the normal operation of the whole system.

2.    Can automatically identify the function of module model on each slot, high intelligence;Provides a friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, fully reflects the humanized modern design concept of industrial equipment;

3.    Intelligent temperature control inside the frame, the cooling fan fault alarm, can replace the fault fan online, improve the reliability of the whole system.

4.    The power reserve is sufficient, only one power supply can meet the power requirements of the whole rack, and at the same time, dual power supply hot backup can be realized.

5.    The centralized monitoring unit adopts a powerful 32-bit processor and a large-size lattice display screen, which can display various working state parameters and fault information in detail.

6.    Ethernet follows the 10base-t / 100base-tx ieee-802.3, automatic MDI/ mdi-x crossover, can adapt to a variety of switches.

7.    The network management interface conforms to the SCTE network management specification.

8.    Compact structure design, high density configuration of plug-ins, saving space occupied by the device.

Module slot type

   There are three types of module slots in the platform, namely, function module slot, power module slot and network management unit slot.The top 1U height can be used to install two power modules and one network management unit module, while the bottom 3U height can be used to install 18 standard functional modules.




The front panel figure





back panel figure






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